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Experience it Live Buy tickets to Formula 1 races with Autosport's preferred ticketing provider. Find out more. Experience it Live Buy tickets to races with Autosport's preferred ticketing provider. McLaughlin completes Indy rookie orientation programme IndyCar. Ganassi expands to four cars for with Palou IndyCar. Wolff: Stroll faces unfair "stigma" over wealth F1. Crutchlow "happy with career" if is last season MotoGP. Alfa Romeo extends Sauber deal into F1. Mercedes FE team drops black livery for FE.

The British marque announced its intention to enter sportscar racing's top flight at the start ofand its creation broke cover at Autosport International on Thursday morning. The GLT-P1, which Ginetta claims is the "most advanced car in the company's history", produces approximately bhp with its 3. A total of 10 cars will be built in the initial production run, although the firm is open to building more subject to demand.

How binge-watching is helping Ocon prepare for F1's returning star After a year out of a race seat, the F1 season hasn't all been plain sailing for Renault's Esteban Ocon.

But, with Daniel Ricciardo's departure, Ocon has the chance to become a team leader next year - even if his new team-mate will be Fernando Alonso F1. Why F1's Portugal leveller isn't a reliable silver bullet A track surface that was reluctant to yield grip left many drivers complaining in Portimao, but created mixed strategies and havoc at the start.

Yet, while an enjoyable means of mixing the pack, F1 cannot always rely on it F1. The surprise weakness Hamilton revealed in his Portugal win Lewis Hamilton produced another excellent overall Formula 1 performance to defeat an in-form Valtteri Bottas in Portugal.

But towards the end of race he had a difficult moment, which revealed a surprising weakness in his otherwise bulletproof game F1. Toyota drivers against dropping success handicaps Toyota's World Endurance Championship drivers say it would be unfair if the system of success handicaps was scrapped for next month's Bahrain season finale, despite the lack of privateer LMP1s WEC.

Wolff: Stroll faces unfair "stigma" over wealth Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff says Lance Stroll faces an unfair "stigma" due to his father's wealth, and is fully deserving of his place on the Formula 1 grid F1. Crutchlow "happy with career" if is last season Cal Crutchlow says he'll be "happy" with everything he has achieved in his MotoGP career should he not find a ride for the season after losing his LCR seat MotoGP.This article was designed to help international students and their families understand all the details about the F1 visa, the application process and how to qualify for it.

There are a few exceptions, but in general anyone who intends to stay in the USA to study or live must obtain either a temporary or immigrant visa by the US Department of State. If you wish to study in the USA you will most typically be issued a non-immigrant visa called an F1 F2 for dependents and can choose to attend one school types that are listed above.

After receiving acceptance by the school of your choice, you will be officially enrolled into the SEVP and are required to pay a one-time application fee.

This form will allow you to schedule an interview appointment with a local US embassy or consulate to be granted an F1 visa and officially become an international student! Learn more about the F1 Visa Process. Specific instructions for how to apply for your F1 visa will be listed on the website of the US embassy or consulate that you plan on visiting, but regardless of where your visa appointment may take place you will need to provide the same kind of documents and address the same kinds of questions.

In order to qualify and as part of the F1 visa interview process, potential international students will need to prove the following:.

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Get more information on how to apply for an F1 visa and scheduling an interview. With this in mind, international students are typically able to work 20 hours a week on campus when school is in session and full-time while school is in recess, but you may need to seek approval from the Department of Homeland Security and the International Office at your school first. Working illegally while on an F1 visa is a serious violation of the regulations, and could result in deportation.

Additionally, F1 visa holders are eligible to apply for permission to work off campus for up to 12 months. This permission is called Optional Practical Training OPT and allows F1 students to train, and thus work, in a field that is related to their field of study. For more information, be sure to contact an international student advisor at your school, but OPT is traditionally used in the following situations:. Students on an F1 visa are required to study at the academic institution through which their visa application was filed and granted.

However, in some situations international students are able to transfer institutions if the student completes or leaves their current program with confirmed plans to study at a different US institution the following academic semester. Students are not required to immediately return home upon completion of their program on an F1 visa. Instead, F-1 visa holders can remain in the US for up to 60 days after completing their academic program or OPT training.

Any students wishing to remain in the States after their program must change their visa status, re-enroll in a higher program, or have the option to transfer to a new school and receive new visa documents.

da file t f1

If you have any questions about the visa process, an academic advisor at your school can often be a great resource. In terms of ensuring you have adequate health insurance for your studies in the United States, be sure to contact us for plan suggestions and guidance.

Menu Student Health Overview. Compare F1 Visa Insurance Plans. Start Date. End Date. Birth Date. Student Yes No. Overview What is a F1 Visa? What is an F1 Visa? What is an F1 visa? An F1 visa is a nonimmigrant visa for those wishing to study in the U. You must file an F1 visa application if you plan on entering the US to attend a university or college, high school, private elementary school, seminary, conservatory, language training program, or other academic institution.The World Drivers' Championship, which became the FIA Formula One World Championship inhas been one of the premier forms of racing around the world since its inaugural season in The word "formula" in the name refers to the set of rules to which all participants' cars must conform.

The results of each race are evaluated using a points system to determine two annual World Championships: one for driversthe other for constructors. Formula One cars are the fastest regulated road-course racing cars in the world, owing to very high cornering speeds achieved through the generation of large amounts of aerodynamic downforce. The cars underwent major changes in[3] allowing wider front and rear wings, and wider tyresresulting in peak cornering forces near 6.

Traction control and other driving aids have been banned since While Europe is the sport's traditional base, the championship operates globally, with 11 of the 21 races in the season taking place outside Europe. Its high profile and popularity have created a major merchandising environment, which has resulted in large investments from sponsors and budgets in the hundreds of millions for the constructors.

The formula comprises a set of rules that all participants' cars must meet. Formula One was a new formula agreed upon during after World War IIwith the first non-championship races taking place that year. The first Formula 1 race was the Turin Grand Prix. A number of Grand Prix racing organisations had laid out rules for a world championship before the war, but due to the suspension of racing during the conflict, the World Drivers' Championship did not become formalised until The first world championship race took place at Silverstone in the United Kingdom in A championship for constructors followed in National championships existed in South Africa and the UK in the s and s.

Non-championship Formula One events were held [ by whom? The new logo replaced F1's iconic "flying one", which had been the sport's trademark since However, Fangio won the title in, and his record of five World Championship titles stood for 45 years until German driver Michael Schumacher took his sixth title in Fangio's streak was interrupted after an injury by two-time champion Alberto Ascari of Ferrari.

Although the UK 's Stirling Moss was able to compete regularly, he was never able to win the world championship and is now [update] widely considered statistically to be the greatest driver never to have won the title.

In a seven-year span between and Moss finished as championship runner-up four times and in third place the other three times.

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This period featured teams managed by road-car manufacturers Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benzand Maserati ; all of which had competed before the war. The first seasons featured pre-war cars like Alfa's They were front-enginedwith narrow tyres and 1. The and World Championships were run to Formula Two regulations, for smaller, less powerful cars, due to concerns over the paucity of Formula One cars available. Mercedes drivers won the championship for two years, before the team withdrew from all motorsport in the wake of the Le Mans disaster.

da file t f1

An era of British dominance was ushered in by Mike Hawthorn and Vanwall 's championship wins inalthough Stirling Moss had been at the forefront of the sport without ever securing the world title. The iconic British Racing Green Lotuswith a revolutionary aluminium-sheet monocoque chassis instead of the traditional space-frame design, was the dominant car, and inthe team broke new boundaries, when they were the first to carry advertising on their cars.

The first major technological development, Bugatti 's re-introduction of mid-engined cars following Ferdinand Porsche 's pioneering Auto Unions of the soccurred with the Typewhich was unsuccessful.

Australian Jack Brabhamworld champion during, andsoon proved the mid-engined design's superiority. Byall regular competitors had switched to mid-engined cars. The Ferguson P99a four-wheel drive design, was the last front-engined F1 car to enter a world championship race. It was entered in the British Grand Prixthe only front-engined car to compete that year. DuringLotus introduced a car with an aluminium-sheet monocoque chassis instead of the traditional space-frame design.

This proved to be the greatest technological breakthrough since the introduction of mid-engined cars. DuringRhodesian duo John Love and Sam Tingle were the first to run cigarette sponsorship on their cars, which ran in orange, brown and gold Team Gunston colours in the South African Grand Prix on 1 Januaryfive months before Lotus painted an Imperial Tobacco livery on their cars, thus introducing sponsorship to the sport.

Aerodynamic downforce slowly gained importance in car design with the appearance of aerofoils during the late s.This is a list of female motor racing drivers who have taken part in the Formula One World Championship since the inception of the World Championship for Drivers in Five women racing drivers have entered at least one Grand Prix, although only two of them ever qualified and started a race. The woman who competed in the most Grands Prix is Lella Lombardiwith 17 entries and 12 starts.

As a result of this achievement, she has a grandstand at Brands Hatch named after her. The involvement of women in Formula One was pioneered by Italian Maria Teresa de Filippis who entered five races in the and seasons [2] and started three [2] scoring a best result of tenth position in the Belgian Grand Prix. After fifteen years without any women in the category, another Italian, Lella Lombardicompeted in three seasons, from to Lombardi entered seventeen races and started twelve, having her best result in the Spanish Grand Prix where she finished sixth.

With the race being stopped before three quarters of the scheduled race distance was completed, only half points were awarded. Lella became the first and so far only woman to score points in the World Championship.

da file t f1

This was the only Formula One Grand Prix in which multiple female racers Lombardi and Galica were entered, but both failed to qualify. In the same year she became the only woman to win a Formula One race of any kind when she won at Brands Hatch in the British Aurora F1 championship on 7 April As a result of this achievement, Wilson has a grandstand at Brands Hatch named after her.

She tried to qualify for three races, but failed in all attempts. She was replaced by Damon Hillwho also failed to qualify the car in the 6 out of 8 following races he entered that season. Drivers listed in this table are those who have entered a Grand Prix. Actual starts are stated in brackets. Some female drivers have participated in non-competition testing and evaluation sessions with Formula One teams.

Other female drivers have been contracted to Formula One teams in testing and development capacities. InSusie Wolff was the first woman to take part in a Formula One race weekend in 22 years, when she participated in the first practice session at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone ; [25] the previous time being inwhen Giovanna Amati made three unsuccessful Grand Prix qualification attempts. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia list article.

Current season. Related articles. Drivers GP winners Polesitters Fastest laps. Champions Numbers. Constructors GP winners Champions. Seasons Grands Prix Circuits. National colours Sponsorship liveries.

Racing flags Red-flagged races. Female drivers TV broadcasters.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information.

Based on the Python 2. Look at the codecs module in the standard library and codecs. However, for the csv module in particular, you need to pass in utf-8 data, and that's what you're already getting, so your code can be much simpler:. PS: if it turns out that your input data is NOT in utf-8, but e. There is a unicode-csv library which should solve your problems, with added benefit of not naving to write any new csv-related code.

In python 3 this is supported out of the box by the build-in csv module. See this example:. If you want to read a CSV File with encoding utf-8, a minimalistic approach that I recommend you is to use something like this:. It suggests use of library called ucsv. Short and simple replacement for CSV written to address the encoding problem utf-8 for Python 2. Also provides support for csv. The link to the help page is the same for python 2.

I assume that your file should be read correctly without any conversions. Worth noting that if nothing worked for you, you may have forgotten to escape your path. For example, this code:.

This is the accented character in your sample data. Simply reading the data from a file might hide the encoding, so check the actual character values. Learn more. Asked 11 years, 5 months ago. Active 11 months ago. Viewed k times. MERose 2, 5 5 gold badges 35 35 silver badges 61 61 bronze badges.

Martin Martin Martin, if you're around, would you consider switching the accepted answer from Martelli's Python 2 only answer. Active Oldest Votes. Alex Martelli Alex Martelli k gold badges silver badges bronze badges.Get the Xbox Insider Hub Getting started as an Xbox Insider is as easy as downloading the Xbox Insider Hub app on your Xbox One or PC.

Navigate to the Store tab on the dashboard or select Store in the guide. Search for the Xbox Insider Hub. To view the requirements for each preview: Launch the Xbox Insider Hub.

Go to Insider content. Select the preview you want.

The eligibility requirements are on the Info tab of the Insider content details page. Note Only previews you're eligible to participate in will appear in Insider content. Can anyone join the Xbox One Update Preview. How can I join the Xbox One Update Preview, or move my console to a different Preview ring.

Launch the Xbox Insider Hub on your Xbox One console. On the main landing page, select Insider content. Under System, select Xbox One Update Preview.

Select Join or Manage. Choose a Preview ring from the available selections. How do the Xbox One Update Preview rings differ and how do I change rings. This ring receives updates shortly after Alpha. Depending on certain edge cases where further attention is required from Alpha or Beta rings, Delta Insiders may receive system updates before Beta, though this is not a common scenario. Additionally, while early system updates are not guaranteed across the Delta ring, all Delta Insiders will receive the update prior to GA.

My friend is eligible for a preview but I'm not. I stopped participating in the Xbox Insider Program. I bought a new console. Can I use that to participate in the Xbox Insider Program.

My family shares a console. Can we all participate in the Xbox Insider Program. Are previews available in the Xbox Insider Program under an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

Get the Xbox Insider Hub app How to provide feedback as an Xbox Insider Was this article helpful.

Ginetta reveals new LMP1 car for WEC superseason

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da file t f1

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